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Lilis Suryani - Profile

Biduanita Lilis suryani is consistent and legandary artist in create and help development of music in the country. She is singer from indonesia that adequate popular in Malaysia in 60an era. Lilis Surjani (Perfected Spelling: Lilis Suryani; 22 August 1948 – 7 October 2007) was an Indonesian singer, known especially for her 1965 album Gang Kelinci

Suryani was born in Jakarta on 22 August 1948. As a young girl she showed herself to be a good singer, and was always looking for the opportunity to perform.[2] She entered the music industry at age 15, when she was signed to Irama Records. This studio had her perform on the fledgling state television station TVRI, and with them she released her earliest songs, "Cai Kopi" and "Di Kala Malam Tiba", both of which were hits. She later released some songs with Bali Studios and Remaco.

By 1982 Suryani had released over 500 songs on some twenty albums. Her song "Gang Kelinci" was selected as the 66th-best Indonesian song of all time by Rolling Stone Indonesia It has been covered by multiple singers, including Gita Gutawa, Meliana Pancarani, and Silver Quint.

The hit song , "DJenggo","Gang Kelinci","Tiga Malam". She die on 07/10/2007,because of cancer.

View Tiga Malam.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani
View Jali-jali.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani
View Tepuk tangan.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani
View Ditinggal Mama.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani
View Lenggang kangkong.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani
View Tandak Sambas.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani
View Gang Kelinci.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani
View Hari Ulang tahun.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani
View Seringgit Si dua kupang.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani
View Seruling bambu.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani
View View Janggo.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani
View Curahan Hati.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani
View Dikala Malam Tiba.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani
View Semalam.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani
View Ratap Ku.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani
View Menanti.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani 
View Seringgit Si Dua Kupang.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani
View Tanjong Katong.mp3 - by Lilis Suryani 

Lilis Suryani Album Pictures
Lilis Suryani Pictures


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